Symptoms Of Worn Brakes To Be Aware Of

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Symptoms Of Worn Brakes To Be Aware Of

Chevrolet takes great pride in ensuring that each of their vehicles is equipped with the best safety technology, ready to protect the driver and passengers should anything go wrong while on the road.

One of the most important components of safety precautions is the brakes. This is why it’s especially vital to check your brake pads at regular intervals to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. This is something that Chevrolet cars in Huntington don’t take for granted. The machinery used for brake pads does have a life span. They need to be routinely checked and periodically serviced for maximum performance. Fortunately, Chevrolet models give the driver clear signals whenever a problem arises.

Here are a few warning signs of brake failure. Contact your nearest service centre immediately when you notice any of these.

1. Metallic squeals and grinding or squeaking noises
If your car makes a grinding or squeaking sound every time you brake, that’s probably your brake pad wear indicators indicating to you that everything is not as smooth as it could be. They make a very specific noise when they come into contact with the rotor. This means that your brake pads are most likely worn out and need immediate replacement.

2. Brake lights
The brake light on your dashboard is there for a reason. Instead of ignoring the light and leaving it for another day, get it checked out right away. Your brake lights are your car’s way of communicating to you that there may be an issue.

. Scraping or vibrations when braking
Shaking or vibration in the steering wheel could indicate that you have an uneven motor. When you hit your brakes, there's a sequence of processes through which your car decreases its speed. The brake pads surrounding the rotor press down on it, hugging it so that it slows the vehicle down. If your rotor is uneven or broken, not only your braking action turn ineffective, but your vehicle may not be able to halt at all.

Some other warning signs to look out for are leaking fluids, your car shifting to one side while braking, changes in the resistance of the brake pedal, and a burning smell while driving. So stay safe while you’re on the road.

Source: Chevrolet