Why You Should Consider Chevrolet's Teen Driver Technology

 Chevrolet teen driver Technology

Why You Should Consider Chevrolet's Teen Driver Technology

Introduced by General Motors on the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu (now available on most models), Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology is geared mainly toward parents of new and young drivers. With this in-built software, you can control and monitor your teenager’s driving performance without having to be physically present in the car with them.

Chevrolet cars in Huntington enable the Teen Driver setting through Chevrolet MyLink. All you need is a PIN to access the technology. Once you are in, set up a unique key for your teenage driver and unlock the following features:

Seatbelt reminder
The system alerts the driver through audio and visual cues to fasten their seatbelt. If the driver is not wearing their seatbelt, the technology prevents him/her from shifting out of the park for 20 seconds. The feature is called ‘Buckle to Drive’ and will be available on the 2020 Chevrolet Malibu, Colorado, and Traverse.

Safety controls
The technology automatically arms the car’s various safety features, such as Lane Change Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, Traction Control, Stability Control, Forward Collision Alert, and more. This cannot be bypassed by the teenager.

Speed controls
With this technology, you can set the desired speed limit between 40 and 75 miles per hour. If the car travels in excess of the pre-established limit, the driver is immediately notified by means of a warning, both audio and visual. The speed can also be restricted to a maximum of 85 miles per hour.

Audio controls
The audio is turned off until the driver and the front-seat passenger are properly buckled in. That means no music until your teenager is wearing their seatbelt. You can also preset the volume limit.

Driving report
Perhaps the most useful capability is the in-depth report card that this mindblowing innovation generates on your teenager’s driving performance. The report contains information about top speed achieved, distance traveled, antilock brake events, alerts, and warnings issued, and more. This can help you guide and teach your teenagers to rectify their mistakes and improve their driving skills and habits. With Teen Driver Technology, you can ensure both your teenager’s safety and their compliance with applicable driving laws.

Source: Chevrolet