Chevrolet Colorado Vs. Honda Ridgeline


Want to buy a mid-sized pickup truck but don’t know which among the Chevrolet Colorado and Honda Ridgeline should be your pick? Don’t worry; we help you make an informed choice by providing you with a thorough comparison of the Chevrolet Colorado’s and Honda Ridgeline’s features below.


Body and Exterior


The Chevrolet Colorado is designed to resemble a traditional pickup truck with its flat nose, upright grille and other such external detailing common to a truck.


The Honda Ridgeline looks more like a crossover with a truck bed. It might not look as much as a truck as does the Chevrolet Colorado, but this does not mean any compromises on any of the features. It has a dual-mode tailgate that swings both inside and outside, an in-bed trunk that can be used as a cooler for tailgating as well as an in-bed power outlet.


Yet, the Chevrolet Colorado wins over the Honda Ridgeline when it comes to body design as it is offered in three different formats – crew cab with a long bed, extended cab with long bed and crew cab with a short bed.


The measurements for the vehicle vary across these formats. The Honda Ridgeline only comes in a singular body style, which restricts the off-roading capacity provided by one of the Chevrolet Colorado’s many trims.


Interior Features and Comfort


The Chevrolet Colorado’s truck design has touches of SUV and sedan to make it a more comfortable ride. You can avail a 7-inch touchscreen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard features when you purchase this Chevrolet model.


The Honda Ridgeline does not offer Android Auto or Apple CarPlay as standard internal features on its base model. If you wish to enjoy these facilities, you will need to spend on a more expensive trim.


Performance and Pricing


The Chevrolet Colorado is the only midsize pickup with an option for a diesel engine. The Honda Ridgeline is no match for it either in base towing capacity or fuel economy.


In terms of price too, the Colorado is a clear winner in the Chevrolet Colorado vs Honda Ridgeline performance and pricing comparison. It is available from a more affordable price range than the Honda Ridgeline trims.




If you’ve decided that the Chevrolet Colorado is the car for you after comparing the Chevrolet Colorado vs Honda Ridgeline, drive-by Chevrolet of Huntington, New York and test drive the powerhouse pickup model today.