Simple Tips for Protecting Your Chevrolet in the Winter

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With the winter season in full swing across the country, winter storms, ice, and record-breaking snowfall have become a ‘normal’ expectation. Driving during such conditions can be hazardous.

Here are some valuable tips for protecting your Chevrolet in the winter:

Before Hitting the Road

1. Keep the gas tank filled at all times. Never drive on an empty tank, bad weather can occur at any time.

2. Try to keep your cell phone half charged before heading out. In case you get caught on the road, you can make emergency calls.

3. Winter prep your Chevrolet just before the cold arrives. Go to a trusted garage or dealer and opt for their schedule winter servicing. Ensure the tires, battery, wiper blades, and lights are in working order. Don’t forget to check tire pressure as it tends to drop during chillier temperatures.

4. Winter tires are recommended as they give extra traction during icy and snowy driving conditions.

5. Stockpile your car with a snow shovel, a snow brush, an ice scraper, a flashlight, emergency flares, windshield washer fluid, and abrasive material, i.e. sand. It also helps to store an emergency blanket, a set of cold-weather clothing, and a sleeping bag, in case you get stuck on the road.

6. Study your vehicle before heading out. Go over your Chevrolet’s owner’s manual, especially the areas covering traction control, antilock brakes, all or four-wheel-drive, etc. You must know how to operate these features.

Behind the wheel

1. Maintain a safe distance - When driving up a hill during wintery conditions, leave sufficient space between your Chevrolet and the vehicle in front.

2. Changing lanes - If you plan to changes, look out for snow-covered patches on the pavement. These areas offer improved traction for such maneuvers. Then signal your turn and start making the lane change.

3. Skidding - In case you experience skidding while driving, don’t push down too hard on the brakes. First assess the direction in which you’re heading and steer towards it. Maintain light pressure on the brake pedal and let your vehicle’s ABS control the braking.

With these simple Chevrolet driving tips, you can safely arrive at your chosen destination.

Source: Chevrolet